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The kids are just fine

Valero Alamo Bowl - Utah v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Dramatic changes are happening quickly and they’re moving so fast college football can’t manage, which is good, because you could imagine under normal circumstances some gum-chewing dipshit worrying about team unity.

Those are the boosters now:

How easy it is to grab an entire program by the balls, how easy it has been this entire time; how necessary the lip service, how important that has been a moment in time you must balance, to appease everyone else.

How it is a sport of respect, how we just do not do things that way, how I would never leverage my own power against yours, like an implication that your scholarship is gone if you don’t play ball. No one would ever do that to you and we apologize if there were an implication otherwise—whoops! Sorry; we were trying to ignore this entire dynamic the whole time because it’s uncomfortable.