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BTP The Offseason, Day 83: All in search of health, search no further

Harness Electropathic Belts, 19th century. Photo by History of Advertising Trust/Heritage Images/Getty Images

A few items this morning as the world turns I mean burns I mean turns while burning:

— Three-star defensive back Kani Walker announced his decommitment from Boston College on Monday and says that NC State is in the mix. Walker would like to take some visits before making a decision, which at this point qualifies only as wishful thinking since the pandemic has shut down that possibility until August at the earliest.

Mark Armstrong spoke with some local athletes, including Grant Gibson and Isaiah Moore, to see how they’re coping with the events of the last week.

— NC State is one of the schools to reach out to Delaware graduate transfer forward Justyn Mutts. Mutts averaged 12 points and eight boards last season and shot 55% inside the arc.


Behold the fantastimagical Electropathical Belt, a harness for all those “in search of health.” And who among us is not constantly in search of health? Among other things, the belt—which looks more like an iron pair of underpants, frankly—claims to cure exhaustion, sleeplessness, indigestion, and ladies’ ailments. I nearly lost it at “ladies’ ailments.” Truly the 19th century was a wondrous time of invention.