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Happy Fourth; Now go sit the hell down

Controversy Surrounding Robert E. Lee Statue In Richmond Continues Photo by Eze Amos/Getty Images

Nobody has patented grandstanding like the United States; and no one has been cultured to appreciate it and feel like it’s a good idea quite like those of us who were born here. What a tragedy.

You need ask only modest questions and the entire deal falls to tatters on its own bullshit. So look at what you’re doing today. Ask yourself why you’re flying that flag, why that symbol of the military-industrial complex is so important to you, and why your life is so dull that this is the entirety of your culture.

The United States spends, for stock-based reasons, countless amounts more on “defense” than every other country on this planet. If you are okay with that, then I’m sorry.

This country spends an immense amount of tedious lip service to veterans, only to forget about them as soon as it is convenient—I know this, because my grandfather is among them.

These are the obvious facts of the matter, but let no one deter your America shorts at the beach, you’ve found your personality, and it’s hollow.