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The NCAA would prefer not to do the giganto-tourney, thank you

NCAA Basketball: N.C. State at Duke Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

ACC coaches’ support for an all-inclusive NCAA tournament in 2021 earned a response from the NCAA: they are not considering expanding the field, at least not right now. Don’t think anyone will be terribly surprised by that revelation. At this point they haven’t even settled on a calendar for the season.


— Grad transfer Daniel Joseph is ready to hit the field for NC State, though he has actually enjoyed the relative isolation of life during the pandemic:

“I’ve been kind of grateful that I’ve been able to have this time to myself and have that tunnel vision to focus on whatever I need to focus on. I feel like that’s been very beneficial to my personal growth and my athletic growth as well.”

Glad this is working out for somebody.

— Virginia Tech coach Justin Fuente said yesterday he isn’t sure the Hokies could have played the NC State game as originally scheduled.

See there, we ended up doing them a favor.

Tyrone Riley is back.