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NC State is dead on arrival in Blacksburg

NCAA Football: Louisville at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Christ, where to begin. Frankly, I’ve never understood why people like superhero movies—what is compelling about Robert Downey Jr. offering up a quip to a green screen? These movies are all the same, and by the same, I mean boring.

(holding finger to ear)

Oh, right. Well, to the football, then. Well anyway I still don’t get the superhero movie thing, but with that said, good lord did NC State suck at football on Saturday night. As much as NC State was triumphant with regards to football last week, it was the reverse this time, and this was a bummer. Like a Marvel Cinematic Universe release—a certain bankroll, and a well-scripted tragedy.

I don’t understand why NC State preserved Bailey Hockman’s career for as long as it did; I think we all can appreciate what he did against Wake, and also feel pretty sure at the same time this was never going to be replicated.

And it wasn’t, and it took the coaches more than a half to decide to bail. Or rather, it took that long for Dave Doeren to do that wishy-washy shit that’s killing this program right now; you can understand giving a dude a shot he’s earned. Hockman hasn’t earned shit, though.

But the offense wasn’t really the problem; well, actually, it was, but this is a matter of degree. Everything was the problem. There was too much a flavor of 2019 in this one, and if your argument is that you’ve made changes to avoid this, well, then, why’s it all the same?