Post Bye Week Bowl Projections

Mostly stable with the Holiday Bowl becoming the majority projection for the Pack. I'm holding out for a NY6, but probably need to go 10-2 for that. Wake is picked as the ACC's NY6 team in most projections, in the Peach. I for one, would absolutely love the PAck to the Peach, even if it means getting blasted by Ohio State. Definitely possible, but won't be easy. Focus on BC please.

CBS Sports: Holiday vs Oregon State (New opponent in San Diego)

ESPN: Holiday vs Stanford (Battle of the Block S's in San Diego)

ESPN: Gator vs Auburn (Gator hasn't been kind recently, but another shot against the SEC)

247 Sports: Holiday vs Oregon State (San Diego!)

CFN: Cheez It vs TCU (Interesting matchup in Orlando)

All of these are quality bowl games and worth traveling to. Can the Pack break through and make a NY6?