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NC State moves up to #18 in Week 8 AP Poll

Just keep climbing. 1-0, on to the next.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 16 NC State at Boston College Photo by M. Anthony Nesmith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

NC State moved up four spots from #22 to #18 in the Week 8 AP poll. This is the fourth week in a row the Wolfpack has been ranked this season. This also marks their first appearance in the top 20 since 2018. Coincidentally, that was also the Week 8 poll, where they rung in at #16. That was the highest the Pack got to in the ranking that season, but this year is showing the potential of further growth

As I’ve said before, the ranking itself is secondary to the conference race. The Pack took care of business at BC last night to stay on track in the Atlantic Division. I like that the team is perceiving a lack of respect from around the country about what may be brewing in Raleigh (the home of NC State apparently). I hope they keep using that chip on their shoulder to keep pushing the boulder up the hill.

The team has a great swagger about them. I like the way coach Doeren encourages them to celebrate for that night, then move focus on to next week. The below clip perfectly encapsulates this approach. As much as they’re celebrating, veteran leaders like Isaiah Moore keep their teammates focused by saying, “1-0 … on to the next.”

Doeren said in the postgame that the team is learning to play with the expectation of winning. They understand what the winning mindset takes and are bringing that every week.

I hope beyond hope that this isn’t all hogwash and actually manifests in continued success because I’m loving the ride right now. On to Miami.