WBB: Boston vs Cunane

Elissa, Kayla, Coach and Aislinn

Elissa at the line. photo Sbas

It is a given by persons who are experts with regard to how good a college player is that six-five Aliyah Boston is a slightly better player than six-five Elissa Cunane; however, I tend to think this might not be so.

ESPN's Charlie Crème in a post of April 29th, 2021 listed his top 25 players for 2021-22. Boston was listed at the number 2 player while Cunane was listed as the number 9 player. Just to state, being in the top 10 of this list is pretty impressive, but I do think that the ranking between Cunane and Boston is too much. If Boston is 2 then Cunane is 3 or 4. Maybe Cunane is 2 and Boston 3.

Let us start with the one game in which they faced each other. That game was the December 3rd, 2021 game between South Carolina and N. C. State, a State 54-46 win. Cunane scored 14 points shooting a dismal 3-13 from the floor but an awesome 8-8 from the line. Elissa also had 6 rebounds.

Boston for that game scored 9 points shooting a dismal 4-14 from the floor. Boston did not shoot any free throws but she did have 9 boards. Slight edge to Cunane in this one.

What jumps out and gives fuel to my position is the Americup Games; specifically the game against Brazil which was the best Americup team other than the USA team and which had a size advantage over the USA in the paint. In that game Elissa scored 15 of the USA's 21 points in the fourth quarter. For the game she scored 19 points shooting 7-9 from the floor; 1-2 from the arc; and 4-4 from the foul line. Elissa also got 8 boards. Elissa, despite coming off the bench, made the tournament's All-Star Five while Boston who did start for the USA, did not.

As we know, State plays South Carolina on November 9th in Raleigh. Boston and Cunane will face each other again. This game is probably too early in the season as it would have been better if the game again was a December game; maybe a late December game. Will Boston have a better game than Cunane, or will Cunane again edge out Boston for better game?