WBB: K-State/N. C. State; Cunane/Lee


Photo by Sbas

N. C. State host Kansas State Friday night at 7 p.m. In that game, an interesting match-up between Elissa Cunane and Ayoka Lee should happen. Note this paragraph by's Mechelle Voepel about Lee who was Voepel's Player of the Week and the match-up with Cunane:

The 6-foot-6 junior averaged 28.7 points and 10.3 rebounds in three victories, while hitting 72% (36-of-50) of her shots from the field. That included a school-record 43 points in the Wildcats' opener against Central Arkansas. Kansas State hosts North Carolina A&T, and then comes the real challenge: at No. 5 NC State on Friday. How will Lee fare against All-American senior center Elissa Cunane?

With regard to Kansas State, in their last game which was against N. C. A&T, a 73-49 win, K-State started six-six junior Ayoka Lee, six-one freshman Serena Sundell, six-one freshman Jaelyn Glenn, five-ten senior Cymone Goodrich and six-two senior Laura Macke. Most minutes off the bench went to five-nine sophomore Rebekah Dallinger with 25 minutes; however, five-eleven sophomore Jada Moore and six-foot junior Emilee Ebert each played 18 minutes. Kansas State definitely has the size to match-up with the WolfPack.

In the A&T game, Lee led K-State in scoring with 31 points hitting 13-17 from the floor and 5-6 free throws. Lee also let K-State in rebounding with 13. Serena Sundell had 15 points for K-State shooting 4-7 from the floor, 2-5 from the arc and 5-7 from the line. Dallinger had 9 points hitting 4-8 from the floor, and 1-4 from the arc. In the A&T game, K-State shot 45% from the floor, 20% from the arc and had an eFG% of 48.3.

From, K-State is 4-0, has a NET of 99, a "Live RPI" of 90, an ELO of 78 and an SOS of 174. K-State has played no quadrant one teams and the team with the best RPI that they played to date is Central Arkansas at 75. K-State beat Central Arkansas 103-40.

Also from, N. C. State has a record of 3-1, a NET of 11, a "Live RPI" of 88, an ELO of 10 and an SOS of 93. The team with the best RPI that our State has played this season is of course South Carolina with an RPI of 11. State lost to USC 66-57. That was State's only quadrant one game. predicts N. C. State to beat K-State 74-59.

From, if the game is played at State, which it is, State has a 93% win probability with a final score of 74.9 to 56.7. If the game were to be played at K-State, our State's win probability would be 80.7% with a final score of 69.7 to 59.7, and if the game were played on a neutral site our State would have an 88.2% win probability with a final score of 72.3 to 58.2. K-State's herhoopstats rating value is 17.6 and their rank is 47/350. For N. C. State, the same rating value is 37.8 and the same rank is 5/350.

This is going to be an interesting game which State should win because N. C. State has a senior, a junior and three graduate students starting, all very talented, all used to winning. N. C. State is also shooting 502 from the floor; 444 from the arc. If Kai remains hot from the arc (7-11) and Elissa more than holds her own against Lee, State wins as predicted. If not, State wins but the score is closer. Of course we have Diamond Johnson.

From Friday to December 16th, the WolfPack will face besides Kansas State, currently AP ranked 3rd Maryland in the Bahamas, currently AP ranked 4th Indiana at Indiana, currently AP ranked 27th Georgia in Raleigh and currently AP ranked 30th Washington State in the Bahamas. Go Pack!!!