Volleyball: Pack Goes 1-1 This Past Weekend

State easily took down Clemson on Friday night only to have Georgia Tech easily take State down on Sunday afternoon.

State (13-10; 7-5) won the match at Clemson (11-11; 3-8) three sets to none with scores of 25-21, 27-25 and 25-19. State had 55 kills to Clemson's 48; 23 errors to Clemson's 20; 10 blocks to Clemson's 9; and hit 227 to Clemson's 222. Melissa Evans led State with 16 kills while Kristen McDaniel led State with 35 assists.

GaTech (19-3; 10-2) is ranked number 14 in the nation and the match against GaTech on the road shows the big difference between a top ranked team and one more or less average. While State won the first set 25-20 that was as good as it got with GaTech winning sets two, three and four 25-14, 25-17 and 25-16. Tech's six-five Julia Bergmann from Germany was way too much for State. Bergman had 21 kills, and an attack percentage of 400.

State had 36 kills to Tech's 57; 11 blocks to Tech's 7; and 25 errors to Tech's 21. State's hitting percentage was 0.087 to Tech's .286. Evans had 15 kills and 7 blocks for State. Jada Allen also had 7 blocks. Kristen McDaniel had 21 assists for State.

Next up for State is number 2 Louisville-Friday at 7 p.m. At least it is in Reynolds. Do note, that this team is doing pretty well and with State's coaching staff, one would expect even better things to come.