WBB: State vs. Maryland

Elissa and Shakira

Elisssa Cunane stands beside Shakira Austin in the 2019 game against Maryland. Shakira left Maryland at the end of the 2019-20 season. Shakira now plays at Ol Miss.

I can easily remember standing in the stands pre-remodeled Reynolds and screaming with the rest of the fans "ACC, ACC, ACC..." as the Kody Burke lead State women's team on January 30, 2014 handed top ten Maryland a defeat by the score of 72-63. Why "ACC, ACC, ACC..."? The 2013-14 season was the last for Maryland as an ACC member. Let's face it, up to that point, Maryland had been beating State like a drum winning 8 of the last 10 match-ups.

After the 2014 win, State beat Maryland March 18, 2018 in the second round of the 2018 NCAA tournament 74-60 behind 21 points by Kiara Leslie, a transfer from Maryland. State then beat Maryland December 5, 2019 in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge behind 19 points by Kai Crutchfield by the score of 66-59. All three of the mentioned games were played in Reynolds, so I am sure Brenda Frese is happy to at least play State on a neutral court.

State faces off against Maryland in the Baha Mar Hoops Pink Flamingo Championship in Nassau, Bahamas at 11a.m. on Thanksgiving Day. I think the only way to see this game other than being there is through FloHoops of FloSports.

Maryland's best win, a home win, was over number 6 Baylor on November 21st by a score of 79-76. The starting lineup for that game was six-feet junior Ashley Owusu, six-three sophomore Angel Reese, six-two graduate student Chloe Bibby, six-three redshirt junior Mimi Collins and six-two freshman Shyanne Sellors. Maryland's only off the bench players were six-three junior Diamond Miller and six-one sophomore Taisiya Kozlova who each played 11 minutes and who scored respectively 7 and 5 points. As one would expect, Owusu led Maryland in scoring with 24 shooting 9-23 from the floor, 0-1 from the arc and 6-6 from the line. Mimi Collins led Maryland in rebounds with 8.

While Maryland does not start anyone with the size of six-five Elissa Cunane, they did not start anyone or played anyone against Baylor who was not at least six-feet. Maryland has a size advantage over State but the team only has 11 players and most likely not a deep bench.

The following information is taken from

N. C. State has a record of 4-1, a Live RPI of 22, a NET of 11, an ELO of 11 and an SOS of 23. RPI wise, State's best win is over Townson whose RPI is 61 with the score being 100-52. The best team State has played is South Carolina whose RPI is 1. I think the win over Kansas State is the best win for our State.

Maryland has a record of 6-0, a Live RPI of 26, a NET of 4, and ELO of 1 and a SOS of 114. Maryland's best win RPI wise and the best team they have played is Baylor whose RPI is 31.

Warrennolan picks Maryland to win 81-79. Lobo's Look at herhoopstats gives State a 51.1% chance of winning at a neutral site-the game is being played at a neutral site. The points margin for this neutral game is +0.4 for State (76.8 to 76.5). Also found at herhoopstats is the ratings for both N. C. State and Maryland. State has a value rating of 41.7 and Maryland has a value rating of 41.2. State's ranking is 3/356 while Maryland's is 4/356.

Again, I never pick State to lose in a game this close. I like herhoopstats analysis over warrennolan's. State will have a hard time matching Maryland's overall size and especially the play of Owusu. Maryland might have a hard time matching State's speed. I doubt Maryland's defense is as good as South Carolina's so that size difference may not mean that much when State is on offense. Again, I wish Jada Boyd was good to go. If she were, I would take State by 5.

Go Pack!!!