WBB: N. C. State Takes on Washington State

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Next up for N. C. State after demolishing number 2 ranked Maryland 78-60 is Washington State who beat Miami 62-47, both games being played in the Baha Mar Hoops Pink Flamingo Championship.

Before getting into the N. C. State/Washington State November 27th Baha Mar Hoops game analysis, this headline for ESPN women's basketball:

"Women's college basketball Power Rankings: Is Maryland good enough to win the NCAA title?"


O.K. I should not make fun of them as it might come back to -€”well you know.

For the game against Miami WST started six-two freshman Tara Wallack, five-nine redshirt senior Krystal Leger-Walker, five-ten sophomore Charlisse Leger Walker, five-eight junior Johanna Teder and six-three junior Bella Murekatete. Of the four players off the bench, the most minutes went to five-eight junior Grace Sarver with 16. Six-four sophomore Jessica Clarke, also off the bench, played 11. Teder led WST in scoring against Miami with 15 shooting 6-10 from the floor and 2-6 from the arc. Charlisse Leger-Walker against Miami had 13 points shooting 5-12 from the floor and 3-4 from the free throw line. She also led WST in rebounding with 15. Bella Murekatete against Miami had 12 shooting 4-8 from the floor and 4-4 from the free throw line. WST against Miami shot 30.8 from the arc and 47.1 from the floor. The team also had 25 turnovers.

From warrennolan:

NCSU has an overall record of 5-1, a live RPI of 13, a NET of 11, an ELO of 4 and an SOS of 10. N. C. State's quadrant 1 record is 1-1 and their best win to date is over Maryland who has a NET of 4.

WST is 4-0, has a Live RPI of 45, a NET of 37, an ELO of 25 and an SOS of 160. WST has played no quadrant 1 games and their best win is over Miami who has a NET of 74.

Warren Nolan picks State to win 76-60.

From "Lobo's Look" at herhoopstats, State has a 94.9% win probability because the game is played at a neutral site. State is predicted to win by 20.5 points (76-55.5). The Her Hoop Stats Ratings value for WST is 13.2 with a Rank of 70/356. For NCSU the Her Hoop Stats Rating value is 43.1 and their rank is now 2/356. As one can see, Lobo now has State as the number 2 best team in Division I with South Carolina being 1st. Note that the stats at this website does not take into account WST's win over Miami which warrennolan does.

State should win by near 20 as predicted by both warrennolan and "Lobo's Look".

Next game for State is at Indiana on Thursday December 2nd. State is looking for revenge from last season's loss to them in the round of 16 in the NCAA tournament. Indiana returns all starters from that game as does State; however, Kayla Jones will be playing and State has added Diamond Johnson. Advantage should go to State but playing at Indiana might make that advantage nil.