Post UNC Bowl Projections

Wow! What a damn finish, and against UNC....9-3 (6-2) is a damn good year. Sucks we couldn't get a title shot, but now the Pack has a great shot at 10 wins. Next year the Pack may be even better than this year.

Bowl projections appear to all be looking at the same spot...Cheez It Bowl in Orlando vs a Big 12 team, almost certainly Iowa St/ Kansas St. Both teams are 7-5 which may disappoint some folks, but I'm all for a different opponent and an excellent shot at 10 wins.

CBS Sports: Holiday vs UCLA (San Diego, awesome city against a name opponent)

ESPN: Holiday vs UCLA (San Diego...see above)

ESPN: Cheez It vs Iowa State (Another game against a preseason top 10 opponent? Orlando, easy to travel to? Sign me up)

247 Sports: Cheez It vs Kansas State (Same as above, except for the preseason top 10 stuff)

CFN: Holiday vs UCLA (See ESPN projection)

Joe Giglio: Cheez It vs Big 12 (Explained on his twitter and on this site. Joe usually knows what he's talking about when it comes to bowl projections)