NCSU Football Returning Players Tracker

Let's take a look at who's staying and who's going (cue up The Clash's "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"):

First, let's examine who's definitely gone:

Emezie (WR) - Expired Eligibility

CJ Riley (WR) - Expired Eligibility

Daniel Joseph (DE) - Expired Eligibility

Dylan Parham (TE) - Expired Eligibility

Tyrone Riley (OL) - Expired Eligibility

Chris Ingram (CB) - Expired Eligiblity

Ricky Person (RB) - Declared for NFL Draft

Now let's examine who's likely gone:

Ikem Ekwonu (OL) - Likely First Round Draft Pick

Really, the biggest losses there are Emezie, Person, Joseph, Ekwonu, and Parham, but there are replacement pieces (and still more depth) waiting in the wings.

Let's talk about players to track - who has eligibility but a reason and potential for departure, and what have they said.

Isaiah Moore (LB) - "I'm back"

Cyrus Fagan (S) - Returning

Payton Wilson (LB) - undecided

Grant Gibson (C) - undecided

Bam Knight (RB) - undecided

Thayer Thomas (WR) - undecided

Devin Leary (QB) - undecided

Tanner Ingle (S) - undecided

Tyler Baker-Williams (NIC) - undecided

Derek Pitts (CB) - undecided

Cory Durden (DL) - undecided

Chris Dunn (K) - undecided

Trenton Gill (P) - undecided

Chandler Zavala (OL) - awaiting NCAA decision on waiver of eligibility

Technically there are other guys who can depart (Battle, Smith, Carter, Lesane, Pennix, Jackson, Clark, Drake Thomas, Jakeen Harris, etc), but they seem extremely unlikely. I would also assume we get the majority of the currently undecided players back (players to watch - Payton Wilson, Grant Gibson, Thayer Thomas, Bam Knight, Tanner Ingle, TBW, Devin Leary). Let me know in the comments if I missed anyone, and we can keep track as we hear any news.