WBB: State Overpowers Pembroke in Exhibition 92-36

Kayla and ref

Kayla Jones. photo sbas

State beat Pembroke last night in the team's one and only exhibition game 92-36. Here is what worried me. The starting line-up of Elissa Cunane, Diamond Johnson, Raina Perez, Kai Crutchfield and Jakia-Brown Turner. That is a starting line-up of six-five Elissa, five-five Diamond, five-four Raina, five-nine Kai and six foot Jakia. That is a pretty small line-up and one would think that it would be extremely difficult to beat South Carolina without more starting line-up size.

I followed the game via game stats and I never saw Kayla Jones name; however, the box score shows that she played almost ten minutes. We know Jada Boyd is out until maybe after Christmas. I also have read that Kayla is still having problems with the knee she injured in last year's NCAA tournament. I hope her minutes last night were limited due to caution.

Here is who impressed. Genesis Bryant with 12 points and who shot 4-5 from the arc; 4-6 from the floor. Diamond Johnson with 18 points shooting 2-2 from the arc; 7-12 from the floor. Camille Hobby with 12 points who shot 5-9 from the floor. Of course Elissa Cunane has to be added to the list. Elissa had 11 points shooting 3-6 from the floor; 5-6 from the free throw line. One might also point out that Madison Hayes scored 9 points shooting 4-6 from the floor; 0-2 from the arc.

State shot 48.6% from the floor; 32.3% from the arc. Everyone already knows that next up is South Carolina. Gonna be a tough one and even more so if Kayla Jones is limited in her play.