WBB: Georgia is Coming to Town!

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Madison at the line

Madison Hayes. Photo Sbas. I know. I used this photo of Madison for the St. Mary's pregame write-up; however, Madison had one of her best shooting games against St. Mary's hitting all three of her shots; two from the three point line. So! Repeat!

State plays Georgia Thursday, December 16th at 6 p.m. in Reynolds Coliseum. Georgia is currently ranked 17th by both the Associated Press Poll and the USA Today/WBCA Coaches Poll. State of course is ranked 2nd by both polls.

Instead of using Georgia's starting lineup in their last game, a 66-56 win over Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas, I thought I might take a look at Georgia's game against Georgia Tech, a home loss of 55-54, because Georgia Tech will be a player this season in the ACC.

Georgia in the game against Tech started five-seven grad student Oue Morrison, six-feet sophomore Sarah Ashlee Barker, six-four graduate student Jenna Staiti, five-nine redshirt senior Mikayla Coombs and six-feet junior Jordan Isaacs. Most minutes off the bench went to six-three redshirt senior Malury Bates, five-eleven freshman Reigan Richardson and five-seven junior Chloe Chapman. Georgia not only had the size to match up with Tech's six-five Nerea Hermosa and six-four Lorela Cubaj but they have the size to easily match-up with State.

In the Tech game Oue led Georgia in scoring with 15 hitting 6 of her 13 shots from the floor; 1-2 from the arc. Sarah Ashlee scored 9 hitting 3 of her 8 shots from the floor; 3-5 from the arc. Sub six-two junior Javyn Nicholson led Georgia in rebounding in the Tech game getting 8 in 13 minutes of play. Georgia for the season has shot 425 from the floor; 275 from the arc.

From warrennolan:

State is 10-1 overall, 1-0 in the conference, has a Live RPI of 2, has a NET of 3, has an ELO of 1 and has an SOS of 1. State's quad one record is 3-1. State's best win remains that at number 10th ranked Indiana.

Georgia is 8-1 overall, has played no conference games, has a Live RPI of 28, has a Net of 13, has an ELO of 14 and has a SOS of 54. Georgia's quad one record is 1-1. Georgia's best win was that at home against number 21 ranked Notre Dame. Can't really dislike a team which beats Notre Dame can we?

Nolan likes State 72-61.

From Her Hoop Stats Lobo's Look:

With the game played at State, State has a win probability of 89.4% and by the score of 75.1 to 59.7 (weird numbers, right). State has a her hoops stats rating value of 45.6 and a rank of 2/356. Georgia has a her hoops stats rating value of 29.5 and a rank of 13/356.

I like State by 10+/- one or two points unless they light up the arc like they did at Pitt. If they do that I like State by 15-20.