WBB: Clemson and Hello Kiara Lewis

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Kai Going for Rebound after foul shot

Kai "Clutchfield". Photo Sbas.

Absent some Covid misery, State's women's basketball team is scheduled to travel to Clemson Thursday December 30th for a 7 p.m. game.

If State plays Clemson, and so far I have not seen anything which makes this not to be, State will see Kiara Lewis who last played against State when at Syracuse. Kiara in a losing cause (68-61 State) scored 29 points against State on February 28th of this year. Kiara was honorable mention All-ACC last season after being All-ACC first team in 2019-20.

Having Kiara on their team has not improved Clemson's lot in women's college basketball as they are 6-6; 0-1 in conference. State has won 12 in a row over Clemson last losing in Raleigh on January 6, 2011. Clemson did win five in a row from February 7, 1998 to January 13, 2000. That win in 1998 is surprising as 1998 was the year State advanced to the final four; however, it should not surprise because Clemson under Jim Davis was pretty good advancing to the elite eight in 1991 and winning the ACC Tournament in 1996 and 1999.

Clemson's last game was a 60-46 loss to Dayton on December 21st in the West Palm Beach Invitational. In that game Clemson started five-ten graduate student Delicia Washington, six-foot junior Amari Robinson, five-ten sophomore Gabby Elliott, six-two junior Hannah Hank and five-eight graduate student Kiara Lewis. Delicia led the team in scoring with 12 and led the team in rebounding with 10. For the season, Delicia also leads the team in scoring and rebounding with 12.5 ppg and 7.42 rpg. For the season, Clemson shoots 379 from the floor and 240 from the arc. Clemson averages 42 rebounds per game.

From Clemson as stated above has a 6-6 overall record, has a conference record of 0-1, has a Live RPI of 123, has a NET of 142, has an ELO of 130, has a SOS of 38 and has a quad one record of 0-3. Clemson's best win was over rpi 94 Penn State.

From the Wolfpack has an overall record of 11-2; has a conference record of 2-0, has a Live RPI of 2, has a NET of 2, has an ELO of 4, has an SOS of 4 and has a quad one record of 3-2. State's best win was over rpi 10 Indiana.

Nolan likes State 82-58. What is the prediction for this game at "Lobo's Look" With the game played at Clemson State has a 96.2% win probability and by a score of 79 to 55.7. The ratings from herhoopstats are for value 43.5 for State and 5.5 for Clemson while for rank 2/356 for State and 123/356 for Clemson.

What worries me about this game: Covid Protocol. Hope not.

What I would like to see: more bench playing time due to an early big lead; Elissa again staying out of foul trouble; and plenty of playing time for Madison Hayes who "must make" Coach play her more.

Of course State wins easily.