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Pack 9 Unveils New Home Look for 2021

North Carolina v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

I put together a couple of Uniform Retrospectives for State Baseball over the summer last year (Part 1 and Part 2).

Featured in Part 1 of that series were two red pinstripe uniform combos that State has worn sparingly over the years, but that had always been favorites of mine, (1) the White Body / Red Pinstripe / Red STATE Lettering 1968 Throwback Jerseys and (2) the White Body / Red Pinstripe / Red NC STATE Lettering Jerseys. The 1968 throwbacks are some of my absolute personal favorite uniforms that any State team has ever worn.

To kick off the 2021 season in a double header with Davidson, State unveiled a new red pinstripe look. This one with “WOLFPACK” Lettering across the chest.

I’m a big fan of this look, and would love see the red pinstripe uniforms remain in the regular rotation in one form or another. As shown in Part 1 of the Baseball Uniform Retrospective linked above, the Pack 9 has worn more uniform combos through the years that include “WOLFPACK” across the chest than any of the other sports. Recently however, the Football, MBB, and WBB programs have debuted some uniform sets that use WOLFPACK across the chest as well.

The Pack 9 also posted an Opening Day hype video that showed some of the other uniform combos expected to be used this year. The only other new items included in the video that I could tell were:

  • An all red helmet with the Tuffy head logo; and
  • A new version of a White Body / Red WOLFPACK Font Vest that now includes the Adidas “Wolfpack” font that’s now used across the entirety of the Athletics Department.

2/23 Edited to Add:

In State’s Tuesday 2/23 game against UNC-G, State broke out some new black jerseys as shown in the tweet below:

As shown in the video, it’s a black jersey with red “NC STATE” lettering and alternating red/white/black rings around the sleeve. I believe this is the first primary black uniform used by the Pack 9 since the Rodon years shown in the Uniform Retrospectives linked above.