WBB: Syracuse and Tiana Mangakahia

DD Rogers

DD Rogers. photo Sbas.

State travels to Syracuse for a Sunday 12 p.m. ACC Network match-up with the Syracuse Orange. State has won the last three games with the Orange and has a win streak of four games and a losing streak of four games. State is 6-4 over the last ten games with the Cuse and on November 28, 1996 in Puerto Rico beat them 104-69.

One of my favorite players in the ACC is Tiana Mangakahia. There are several reasons for this one being that she is from Australia (makes NO sense-sure-BFF Wonder Woman thought that also) and another being the fact that in the 60-56 State win at home on January 14, 2018, Tiana wore shades for the whole game. My thinking was that if a player could play 29 minutes while wearing sun glasses, well, that player was worthy of my adoration.

Of course taking away from that adoration was the fact that in the 77-73 State win at Syracuse on February 13, 2019, Tiana intentionally pushed Kiara Leslie out of bounds committing an intentional foul and being promptly sent to the bench. This occurred after Tiana with Syracuse trailing 74-71 had her lay-up blocked by DD Rogers above after which Kayla Jones got the rebound.

Of course, what is most important is that Tiana has successfully recovered from Stage 2 Grade 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (breast cancer) first diagnosed on June 18th of 2019. Blessings to Tiana and a hope that she stays well.

From warrennolan, State has a 16-2 record, an 11-2 conference record, a "Live RPI" of 10, a NET of 8, an ELO of 8, a SOS of 48 and a quadrant 1 record of 5-2. State's best wins are over number 1 at the time South Carolina and number 1 at the time Louisville, both road wins.

Syracuse has an overall record of 11-6, a conference record of 9-6, a "Live RPI" of 31, a NET of 43, an ELO of 41, a SOS of 46 and a quadrant 1 record of 1-6. Note that Syracuse is 7-0 at home. It is hard to win at Syracuse. Syracuse's best win is that at home against NET 34 at the time UNC.

Let's take a look at the Syracuse stats in their 76-68 loss at Virginia Tech. The Orange shot 43% from the floor, 36% from the arc, hit all 12 free throws and had an eFG% of 53%. Now for the 92-75 win at home over Boston College. Syracuse shot 53% from the floor, 33% from the arc, hit 20-30 free throws and had an eFG% of 59%. For Syracuse six-seven freshman Kamilla Cardoso leads the team in scoring averaging 14.9 points per game. While Cardoso has gotten more rebounds than six-one junior Emily Engstler (151-141), Emily has a better average (8.8-8.4). Five-six fifth year senior Tiana Mangakahia of course leads Syracuse and the conference in assist at 7.6 per game. Six-two freshman Pricilla Williams leads Syracuse in arc shooting by the number taken (34) and the 3PT% (420).

The predictions from warrennolan are R1 has North Carolina State 80-71 with a 78% probability of a win and ELO has State 79-71 with a 67% probability of a win. Warrennolan has State winning 80-71. First of all, Syracuse has size. Second Syracuse does not easily lose at home. I cannot pick State to win, but GO PACK!!!! We do have two big road wins!