Softball: State Swept by Clemson

State was competitive in the final three games of the four game series, but also lost those three games, all by the same score of 4-3 with the second and third games of the series being walk-off losses.

State's best chance to win a game was game three, but a bottom of the seventh inning meltdown by the umpires, State's coaching staff and State's pitching staff (see State's coaching staff) led to Clemson scoring 3 in the bottom frame of the inning for the win.

State led 3-1 going into the bottom of the seventh inning. Clemson's Alia Logoleo with a 0-2 count had the fifth pitch of the at bat hit the bottom of her bat, go straight down, pick up a wicked spin and land just in fair territory. State's catcher, Sam Sack, after momentarily fumbling the ball, threw to first with the throw hitting Logoleo in the arm/back. The beef resulted from Logoleo running in fair territory; thus when the ball hit her she should have been out. The umps did not see it that way. The Clemson analyst did. I did. It's the rule right-right! Runner interference.

State's coaching staff went ballistic and could not calm down getting a warning from the umps for their efforts.

State's Abby Trahan, who had pitched an awesome game to that point, retired the next two batters on a ground out and strike out. After that, Abby lost the strike zone walking on four pitches McKensie Clark and Ansley Gilstrap. This loaded the bases with two outs. When Valerie Cagle came to bat State intentionally walked her pushing in a run making the score 3-2 State. Clemson announcers where flabbergasted on that decision. Trahan threw two more balls to Marissa Gumimbara before she was replaced by Sydney Nester who walked Gumimbara on a 3-2 pitch. The score was now tied. Nester then gave up an off the wall single to Casey Bigham scoring Clemson's walk off 4th run.

While Valerie Cagle got the win for her second of the series, State can take some solace in the fact that after forty straight innings without giving up an earned run, State put 4 on her in the two games she pitched; 3 in the second of the two.

Umps make the right call in the seventh inning of game three, State most likely wins that one. April Visser had the big hit in the top of the sixth inning giving State that 3-1 lead.

As stated above, State lost game four by the aforementioned 4-3 score. State led 2-1 going into the bottom of the fifth; however, Clemson scored 3 in the bottom of the fifth giving them a 4-2 lead. State added another run in the seventh as Visser scored on a Bridgette Nordberg single. The same Visser and Nordberg combination gave State the 2-1 lead in the top of the fifth inning.

Millie Thompson of Clemson got the win in the fourth game of the series while Estelle Czech got the loss.

I enjoyed the Clemson announcers. They were Clemson people but they were more than fair to State giving accolades to State and its players when due and some when not due in stating that State was a bubble team for the NCAA tournament. State is just not ready for prime time. State has eight more games against competition in the league of Clemson to show that they are.