Softball: State's Season Ends With a 2-0 Loss to FSU

What State needed this year was a dominant pitcher like FSU, Clemson, VaTech and Duke have. Maybe it will be Estelle Czech in the future. Estelle pitched a solid game against FSU and Sandercock now 23-1 for the season after that stellar outing against UNC. A 2-0 loss to FSU is not bad. Of course we wanted a win, but it was not to be.

State got only two hits in the game-one by Angie Rizzi and one by Tatyana Forbes. FSU got a solo home run by Flaherty and a Mason RBI sac fly to score Sherrill. Still, it was Sandercock with that just over 1 ERA who was the difference.

While State's pitching problems might be solved by Estelle, sophmore Sydney Nester and freshman Brooklyn Lucero who looked good when I saw her pitch, the issue for State will be in replacing the big sticks. Rizzi, Forbes, and Randi Farricker (leads ACC in home runs with 17) will move on. Could be redshirt junior Logan Morris decides to join the work force also.

If Jennifer Patrick-Swift (26-25; 15-22 in 2021 and 31-27; 9-15 in 2019) follows this season with another poor season, it will be three in a row absent the shortened 2020 season (19-6; 3-0) and her tour of duty as head softball coach might be in jeopardy. Her 2021 class is ranked 27th by Extra Inning Softball; however, unless that class has some "Valerie Cagle" players-well-you know. Harsh words I realize; however we have seen this before.

On to baseball!