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NC State Unveils Slobbering Wolf Helmets

Wolf helmets! Now with more tongue!

TaxSlayer Gator Bowl - North Carolina State v Kentucky Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

After the gut wrenching end to the baseball season last month, I guess its now time for football.

With ACC Media Days underway, the Pack Football social media accounts unveiled a new look helmet that the team will be wearing this fall complete with the slobbering wolf logo and a brick design in the background. This helmet has been long rumored (especially if you frequent the NCSU Fanatics merchandise page and have seen the sideline 2021 gear featuring the slobbering wolf logo popping up over the last 1-2 months).

I could do with or without the brick pattern behind the logo. I think its trying to do a bit too much. I would have much preferred them nixing the brick pattern and simply oversizing the logo like they did the current Tuffy head logo that was the standard look starting last season. Either way, it’s definitely a good look that I’m looking forward to see State wear when they beat Clemson in Week 4 to go to 4-0.

There’s also a joke somewhere in here about bricks being more suited for the basketball team, but I’m not that cruel - so I won’t make that joke.

Very interested to see what the jerseys look like that get paired with these new helmets. With them going with the brick on the helmet as an homage to State’s campus, I’d be willing to bet the jerseys would feature something similar.