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NC State reveals alternate uniforms for USF game


NC State Athletics

NC State had previously teased the alternate helmet look that the team will be wearing against USF on Thursday night, and this morning they gave us the rest of the look. The uniforms feature a brick theme as well, and there’s a pretty sweet Belltower patch right above the numbers on the front.

Opinion may end up split on these but I like ‘em. The brick pattern on the numbering works for me and the gray look is in keeping with uniforms the team has worn in the past. We’ll have to see how it looks under the lights on Thursday, but it’s distinctive without being way over the top. Any break I can get from the normal uniforms and that goofy shoulder pattern, I’ll take.

The slobbering wolf should be more involved in NC State uniforms across sports, anyway, and hopefully this will lead to more concepts with that logo involved. (Maybe without the brick background on the football helmet, though.)

What say you?