Week 2 Bowl Projections

I'm ready to move on from that shit show Saturday night. What better way than with some bowl projections! At this point, I feel like we may not even get to 6 wins, but that's just the Saturday hangover talking. In true NC State fashion, 8-4 is probably coming, and I guess that's ok, idk man.

CBS Sports: Duke's Mayo vs Auburn (blow out city)

ESPN: Fenway vs UCF (no group of 5 please)

ESPN: Sun vs USC (love to see the matchup)

247 Sports: Pinstripe vs Rutgers (blah)

CFN: Gator vs Auburn (another Gator loss?)

I love the matchups in bowl games. Usually a good chance to face a different opponent. Over the past 20 years, I've been to quite a few, however, it does suck to spend all that money traveling just to watch a blowout, see 2012 Music City, 2015 Belk, and 2018 Gator.

I do enjoy the atmosphere at bowl games, so who am I kidding, I'll still go.....maybe.

Here's to hoping Dave and co can right the ship!