Volleyball: From Sad Face to Smiley Face

Volleyball started the season with three straight losses losing to ETSU, Texas Tech and Tennessee in the Tennessee Classic. State followed that with two wins and another loss so as to enter the Rutgers Tournament with a 2-4 record. Sad Face. State won the Rutgers Tournament to up their record to 5-4. Smiley Face.

In the Rutgers Tournament State beat Brown 3-0, beat Rutgers 3-2 and beat NJIT 3-0. For the first time in a while, I watched the volleyball team play, watching them play Rutgers via the Big Ten Network+. Last time I watched the State volleyball team play, if memory serves me, five-ten Jade Parchment was a first year player and six-one Melissa Evans, now a graduate student, was a sophomore.

Melissa Evans and Jade Parchment are still awesome, and in the Rutgers match Evans had 25 kills. State won the first two sets of the Rutgers match 25-22 and 27-25. Rutgers came back to win the next two sets 25-19 and 25-23. State kind of blew Rutgers away in set five 15-9 (the fifth set in collegiate match play is only to 15 as opposed to 25).

The end of set two was very exciting. Rutgers led 24-22 until State behind a kill by Melissa tied the set at 24. Since a team has to win a set by 2, and the score was 25-25 after Rutgers tied it at that score, the set continued with State scoring two straight to win the set 27-25. Melissa scored the 26th point with a kill and Jada Allen ended the set with her own kill. One should note that the play between the two teams when tied at 25-25 was very exciting as the teams went back and forth "forever" with outstanding defensive play until the Evans kill.

For the Rutgers Tournament, Jade had 40 kills and Evans had 46. State's next two matches are in the ACC-SEC Challenge against Georgia on Thursday the 16th and against Arkansas Friday the 17th. Both matches are in Reynolds.