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Silver Lining? NC State allegedly has a top 5 easiest remaining schedule (and a gif recap just cause)

(shrug emoji?)

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 02 USF at NC State Photo by William Howard/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Not gonna lie, last Saturday night was not fun. I was a pretty rough hang to be around during that game. I still haven’t fully processed it, so here’s a quick gif recap of my night, because:

Excitement 5 seconds before opening kick:

Opening kickoff TD (still, ugh):

(4:48 - 1st) Christopher Dunn 48 yd FG MISSED

Seeing Chris Dunn miss a field goal (obviously, it was a 48 yarder, so a bit of a stretch):

(11:48 - 1st) Bad punt gave NC State great field position at the 50 yard line, and Devin Leary started cooking that chili:

Devin Leary pass complete to Emeka Emezie for 8 yds to the MisSt 42

Devin Leary pass complete to Thayer Thomas for 3 yds to the MisSt 39 for a 1ST down

Devin Leary pass complete to C.J. Riley for 4 yds to the MisSt 35

Devin Leary pass complete to Emeka Emezie for 24 yds to the MisSt 8 for a 1ST down

Devin Leary pass complete to Thayer Thomas for 6 yds to the MisSt 2

He goes 5 for 5 and in 6 plays has the Wolfpack on the 2 yard line:

Devin Leary pass complete to Thayer Thomas for -3 yds to the MisSt 5

But then...

(8:25 - 1st) Ricky Person Jr. pass intercepted, touchback.

I just... I still can’t even with that play. I could use so many words on this play alone, but that wouldn’t be productive so let’s just leave it behind, and rip that page out of the playbook.

(12:46 - 2nd) Christopher Dunn 45 yd FG GOOD

Having a drive stall just outside the redzone and settle for a field goal:

Sitting there watching the rest of the game was basically like:

And that’s all I can say about that game without droning on for 3,000 words.

Moving onto some potential silver linings!

Yesterday, PFF College released their Strength of Schedule metrics for the teams with the “easiest” remaining Power 5 schedules. Guess who made the list?

OBVIOUSLY, this is just on paper, and only a metric of the remaining teams and not a likelihood of success rating. You still have to, you know, go out and play those games.

What this basically means is all the people who wrote off the team after only two games will renew their allegiance when the squad inevitably rebounds. I get all the feelings of being distraught after that game. But honestly, there’s a lot of season left. I was probably wrong in thinking this was a 9 win team, but there’s still 83.333% of the schedule remaining!

Hopefully that makes you feel better.