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The June Report - September edition aka all the good vibes

Quick rundown on all the June flowing around

Clemson v NC State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

How was everyone’s weekend? Some pretty good vibes, huh? Let’s do a stroll around all the June feelings, why don’t we?

  1. If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of “ONE with Wolfpack Football”, stop what you’re doing and tune into this:

The energy and jubilation of the players is palpable. This is something they’ve thought about and have wanted for years. They got this win for the years of players who came before them and came up short. For ever Kyle Bambard, Bryan Underwood’s in-bounds foot, Bradley Chubb’s towel stealing and all the rest. This team really loves playing for each other, this is what having an experienced roster gives you. They’ve been through the fire so they know what it takes to push through. And all the players who Dave Doeren has put in the league still love this program just much, given how they were showing love online.

The true test will be seen next Saturday. If they enjoyed the victory through Sunday, then went “back to the lab”, as they say. I’ve always liked that phrase, and Kelvin Harmon adopted it while he was here, and the guys he’s left behind have kept it going. Because NFL teams are dumb and stupid, he isn’t currently on a roster, but he was at the game and got to enjoy with the guys in the locker room afterward.

2. Keeping the good vibes going, I’m sure things are going equally well in Chapel Hill, right?

Flips open USA Today:

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG, SON. (fire emoji, fire emoji, fire emoji!!!)

We take you now to unc fans reacting:

If only some fanbase somewhere had tried to warn these people about this extremely predictable and likely possibility. But honestly, it’s hilarious for media to be backing away from unc thinking they were sold a bill of goods on the imminent leap coming from a team that’s shown no sign of doing so. The healz didn’t vote themselves into the top 10, the media has to own up to building the hype prematurely.

3. Surely the fanbase at this fine academic establishment is reacting well to this current turn of events that literally anybody could have seen coming, right?

How it started:

How it’s going:

“Perpetual mediocrity”, you say?? Surely you must not be speaking of the legend Mack Brown? But the fans love him!

I would bet the fans are keeping this in context with their otherwise successful sports game programs, right? Right??

I need to go get a cup to drink up all these tears.

4. Clemson will be fine, right?

This one’s a tough break, though. Feel bad for Bresee:

But don’t count them out, just yet. News of their demise is premature until the last game is played. NC State kind of needs them to still be good, but not elite. They can switch with State and get 8 or 9 wins, with at least 2 conference losses. This would give the Pack a 2 loss cushion to absorb.

5. Defense thoughts:

Against FBS opponents, NC State’s defense has the following ranks:

9th overall in yards/game allowed

18th in yards/play allowed

11th in points/game allowed

Yes, please, keep it coming. Dave approves:

6. The students getting to feel that joy of the big win:

We had several of those during my time in the Rivers era, so I’m happy the students got to enjoy one of those wild nights on Hillsborough, with the belltower lit red. And kudos to the stadium staff to let the kids rush the field. Coach Doeren said it best, “this is college football”.

7. Trying not to think about the future, just yet

Yes, obviously, NC State will need to avoid a letdown and come back to take care of business against La Tech. I think it’s to their benefit their playing a smaller (though definitely NOT a cupcake) non-conference team the week after an emotional win. They can level set their heads before fully running into conference play.

The way the schedule breaks is weird. Wake Forest will have played four conference games by the time State plays its second. They just have to stay the course and it’ll shake itself out. It’s appropriate to have Wake or BC listed at the top of the conference as of now. But the top 3 teams in the league have yet to play.

We’ll know more in a month. But thinking about all that is very anti-June, so moving on.

Honorable mention:

Dave Doeren has been chosen as this week’s “Dodd Trophy Coach of the Week presented by PNC”.

For the second time, and NC State win was selected as the “Cheez-It Bowl National Team of the Week”.

Three players were named to the ACC’s best list for the week:

Devin Leary, quarterback (Also named the FBS Offensive Player of the Week)

Emeka Emezie, WR.

Ikem Ekwonu, OL

Lastly, the team will remember its own 24 hour rule. Enjoy the win for a day, then back to work: