A Humorous Take on Elissa's Foul Trouble and the Softball Schedule

I am of the opinion that the refs are targeting Elissa with regard to fouls. When the ref blew the whistle early in the first quarter of the Clemson game I knew the foul was going to be called on Elissa, and it was. Did not really see it and I definitely did not see the second call against her either. Occasionally, Elissa does make a careless foul such as her second in the Georgia game, but many calls are so iffy.

Maybe I am being a Homer.


No, no one called you!

In looking at Elissa's foul stats in the 2019-20 season, the 2020-21 season and this season, one sees that in 2019-20 Elissa was called for 71 fouls in 32 games. In the 2020-21 season Elissa was called for 50 fouls in 23 games. This season to date, Elissa has been called for 31 fouls in 14 games. From these three seasons, the fouls per game are 2.22; 2.17; and 2.21. These figures show that Elissa really is not fouling more this season than the past other two.

However, would not fouls per minute give a more accurate figure especially in view of Elissa sitting out quite a few minutes in the first half due to foul trouble; for example the Georgia game? In 19-20 Elissa committed 71 fouls in 873 minutes of play. In 20-21, Elissa committed 50 fouls in 619 minutes of play and for this season to date Elissa has committed 31 fouls in 323 minutes of play. These numbers do show and increase in the calls against Elissa as follows (from 19-20 to 21-22 to date): 0.081; 0.0807; and 0.0959. That I think is a pretty big jump. One would think that in her senior year she would be committing less fouls per minute; not more.

Is it too much to ask that the refs give Elissa the Asia Durr treatment seeing that like Asia was, she is the preseason poy?

One of my favorite "Durr never gets called for a foul or violation" is that in the 2018 ACC Tournament between State and Louisville. Late in the game, Asia drove toward the basket, tripped on Miah Spencer's foot, fell to the floor, rolled over onto her stomach and rolled the ball such that it hit off the side of Dominique Wilson's foot- Dominique looking forward and never attempting to kick the ball. Did the refs call walking on Asia as they should have? No! They went to the monitor as I remember it and called kicked ball by Dominique.

Coach mentioned this in a post-game interview as follows:

It seemed like we gave up some offensive rebounds at some key times and that kicked ball call down there (near the baseline) at the end of the game was tough, too.

Again, I am probably just being a Homer.

Softball announced their schedule the same time as baseball did theirs. I am not sure how good or bad the team will do in the upcoming season due to unexpected roster changes. The team does have Randi Farricker and Logan Morris back, but pitching might be a problem. Logan led the ACC in RBI's with 45 and hit 338 with 10 dingers. Farricker led the ACC in homers with 17.

What I do note is that Clemson and Valerie Cagle are not on the schedule. When State last played them, State could not get Cagle out to the point that this happened:

This loaded the bases with two outs. When Valerie Cagle came to bat State intentionally walked her pushing in a run making the score 3-2 State. Clemson announcers where flabbergasted on that decision.

Go Pack Women's basketball and softball!