WBB: State vs. Duke

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Kai and Kayla

Kai 4-5 against Miami; Kayla 4-4 against UNC!

(State vs. Duke, Sunday January 16th, 4p.m., ACCN)

State host Duke, currently ranked 16th in the Associated Press Poll, Sunday January 16th at 4 p.m. State's current record against Duke is 46 wins and 37 losses. State last played Duke on February 24, 2020, a 70-65 home loss. State's longest win streak against Duke is 15 games between 1975 and 1984 while State's longest losing streak is 10 games between 2001 and 2007. State is 6-4 over the last 10 games; however, State has won 3 out of the last 4. The best win over Duke was in the 2007 ACC Tournament when they beat Duke ranked number 1 at the time 70-65.

Duke due to injury and health and safety protocols played Virginia Tech Thursday night, a 65-54 loss, without starters Celeste Taylor and Lexi Gordon. In view of this starters for Duke's win over Notre Dame on January 2 and Duke's loss to Virginia Tech will be listed to get an idea of who might start against State. For the Notre Dame game, Duke started six-one senior Elizabeth Balogun, five-ten senior Miela Goodchild, five-eleven junior Celeste Taylor, six-foot grad student Lexi Gordon and six-three senior Onome Akinbode-James.

For the game against Virginia Tech, Duke again started Balogun, Goodchild and Akinbode-James. The other two starters were six-five grad student Jade Williams and five-six freshman Shayeann Day-Wilson.

Shayeann Day-Wilson leads Duke in scoring for the season at 11.8 ppg and in arc shooting percentage at 422. Taylor leads Duke in rebounding averaging 6.1 rpg. Balogun and Akinboe-James are the best two shooters from the field for Duke shooting 533 and 553 respectively.

From Warrennolan, State has an overall record of 15-2, has a conference record of 6-0, has a Live RPI of 3, has a NET of 2, has an ELO of 5, has an SOS of 4, and has a quadrant one record of 4-2. State's best win remains that at Indiana.

From warrennolan, Duke has an overall record of 11-3, has a conference record of 2-2, has a Live RPI of 40, has a NET of 38, has an ELO of 37, has an SOS of 65 and has a quad one record of 3-3. Duke's best win was a home win over RPI 17 Notre Dame. Like State, Duke hosted South Carolina. Duke lost to S.C. 55-46 while State lost to S.C. 66-57.

R1 likes State 77-64 with an 86% win probability while ELO likes State 78-62 with an 80% win probability. Lobo from Her Hoops Stats with the game at State, likes State 75.6 to 60.3 with an 89% win probability. The Her Hoop Stats ratings for State and Duke are value 42 to 25.9 and rank 2/356 to 24/356.

State again says hello to Balogun after she has transferred from one ACC team to another. State first played a game with Balogun as a starter when she was at Georgia Tech and then again played games when she was a starter/sub at Louisville. State is 3-1 verses teams with Balogun playing on them. Of further interest will be any match-up between Diamond Johnson and Shayeann Day-Wilson.

With the loss to Duke in Raleigh in 2020 in mind, I still pick State to win, but....any given Sunday.

Go Pack!