WBB: Cancun Challenge



N. C. State's women's basketball team plays Vanderbilt in the Cancun Challenge at 4:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, November 24th, Thursday. The game can be viewed by subscribing to FloHoops.

State's first game against Vanderbilt was on February 4, 1996 in Charlotte, N.C. State lost 93-61. Since State has won five out of the last six including the last three. State last played Vanderbilt in 2018 winning at home 74-54.

From WarrenNolan, Vanderbilt, a member of the SEC, is 5-1, has a NET of 73, has an RPI of 38, has an ELO of 65 and has a SOS of 60. The Commodores have one quadrant 2 win and no quadrant 1 wins. Vanderbilt's best win was at Columbia which currently has an RPI of 12. The Commodores won that one 74-63.

Vanderbilt's leading scorer is five-six graduate student Ciaja Harbison who is averaging 16.7 ppg while shooting 449 from the floor; 333 from the arc. Ciaja Harbison also leads the Commodores in assist with a total of 33 but also leads in turnovers with 18. Vanderbilt's second leading scorer is five-seven graduate student Marnelle Garraud who is averaging 12.2 ppg shooting 459 from the floor; 457 from the arc. Garraud is also Vanderbilt's volume arc shooter with 35 attempts. Six-two sophomore Sacha Washington is Vanderbilt's leading rebounder at 7.3 per game. Vanderbilt shoots 481 from the floor; 354 from the arc; 696 from the line. Vanderbilt averages 35.3 rebounds per game and 15 turnovers per game.

West Virginia

State plays West Virginia on Friday November 25th at 4:00 p.m. also in the Cancun Challenge. Again this game can be viewed by subscribing to FloHoops. This will be the first time West Virginia and State have met in women's basketball.

From WarrenNolan, the Mountaineers of West Virginia, a Big 12 member, have an overall record of 3-0, a NET of 62, a RPI of 256, an ELO of 62 and a SOS of 358. West Virginia's three wins were all quad 4 wins.

Five-five fifth year player Madisen Smith leads WV in scoring averaging 13 ppg shooting 410 from the floor; 278 from the arc. Five-eight sophomore JJ Quinerly is second with regard to scoring averaging 10.3 ppg while shooting 389 from the floor; 100 from the arc. Five-eleven senior Jayla Hemingway is third in scoring at 10 ppg and is shooting 297 from the floor; 111 from the arc. Jayla leads the Mountaineers in rebounding averaging 6.3 rpg. As a team WV shoots 405 from the floor; 256 from the arc. WV averages 41.7 rebounds per game, 13.3 assist per game and 11 turn overs per game. In West Virginia's win over App State, six-three junior Kylee Blacksten led WV in scoring with 18 shooting 8-12 from the floor; 1-2 from the arc.

N. C. State

From WarrenNolan, State has a record of 4-1, has a NET of 2, has a RPI of 24, has an ELO of 11 and has a SOS or 36. State has one quad 1 loss that being the loss at RPI 9 UConn. State's best win was over Charlotte which has an RPI of 160.


State does not have a significant win this season. Since Vanderbilt's RPI is currently 38, a win over the Commodores should give State a quad one win (Quadrant one wins are those home games vs. teams RPI ranked 1-30, neutral games vs. 1-50, and away games vs. 1-€”75) Beating West Virginia is not going to help in the sig wins department.

WarrenNolan predicts State to beat Vanderbilt 74-60 with an 88% chance of a win. WarrenNolan picks State to beat West Virginia 73-59 also with an 88% chance of a win.

Looking at Lobo of herhoopstats, State at a neutral site is predicted to beat Vanderbilt 76.8 to 58.8 with a 92.3% chance of a win. Lobo also picks State to beat WV at a neutral site 80.8 to 56.4 with a 96.6% chance of a win. Should we trust Lobo because she sure blew it with regard to the final score at UConn? Of course we should trust her-State just did not live up to their side of the prediction.

These Cancun games offer a chance for Camille Hobby to pad her resume because neither Vanderbilt nor West Virginia can match State's size and length. Go with the predictions.

Happy Thanksgiving Pack Fans!