Post unc Bowl Projections

WOW!! What a damn victory Saturday. Such a fulfilling victory after a pretty tumultuous season. I predicted before the game that a W likely gets us into the Duke’s Mayo Bowl, and I think that will come to fruition.

One thing I forgot about was the opponent. The SEC and Big 10 rotate the Mayo Bowl, with the Big 10 filling the spot this year. So, while maybe not a game against a flashy opponent, it does set up for a very winnable game. To reach 9 wins with a 4th string QB would be absolutely insane. I do wonder how many players on the roster will actually be on the team then, as the transfer portal officially opens next week. I think it may get crazy for every program.

Anyways, here are the projections for this week.

CBS: Military vs Cincinnati (Can’t see it happening)

ESPN: Mayo vs Maryland

Sun vs UCLA

247: Mayo vs Iowa

CFN: Mayo vs Iowa

Action: Mayo vs Maryland