WBB: State Hosts the Tigers of Clemson

Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen / USA TODAY NETWORK


State host Clemson Sunday December 16th at 6:00 p.m. The game will be broadcast on the ACC Network.

State's record against Clemson is 61-30 with a home record of 29-7 and an away record of 20-18. State has won 13 straight last losing in January of 2011 in Reynolds 74-76. That was during the "Kellie Harper is coach" period which was not a very memorable one-I digress-sorry. Clemson won five straight from February of 1998 to January of 2000. Jim Davis was the coach at Clemson during Clemson's five game winning streak over State and his teams were pretty successful having records of 25 and 8, 26 and 6 and 19 and 12 in 1998, 1999 and 2000.

Looking at Nolan, Clemson has an overall record of 8-3, has a live RPI of 33, has a NET of 69, has an ELO of 84 and has a SOS of 24. Clemson has a quad 1 record of 0-3. The best win for Clemson was a home win over NET 97 Richmond by the score of 61-40.

Again, looking at Nolan, State has an overall record of 10-1, has a live RPI of 5, has a NET of 7, has an ELO of 3, and has a SOS of 13. State's quad 1 record is 2-1. State's best win was over NET 16 Iowa.

State and Clemson to date have one common opponent. State beat Charlotte 96-48 while Clemson beat Charlotte 79-54. Both State and Clemson played Charlotte at home.

Clemson is led in scoring by six-foot senior Amari Robinson at 13 ppg. Amari shoots 467 from the floor; 235 from the arc. Second in scoring is six-foot freshman Ruby Whitehorn at 11.9 ppg. Ruby shoots 509 from the floor; 235 from the arc. Clemson's volume arc shooters are five-ten sophomore Madi Ott and five-nine senior Daisha Brandford. Madi has attempted 44 arc shots to date while Daisha has attempted 41. Daisha shoots 366 from the arc while Madi shoots 318 from the arc. Amari is also Clemson's top rebounder at 6.4 rpg. Clemson averages 14.5 apg and 17.5 topg.

Coach Moore in the Davidson post-game interview referenced a highly rated freshman player for Clemson without giving her name. Coach had to be referencing Ruby Whitehorn. Hoopgurlz gave Ruby five stars and a scout's grade of 97. Ruby was 15th overall in her 2022 class.

Nolan likes State 82-48. Her Hoop Stats likes State at State 81.5 to 54.2 with a win probability of 97.8%, at Clemson 76.9 to 56.9 with a win probability of 94.3% and at a neutral site 79.2 to 55.6 with a 96.4% win probability. State's Her Hoop Stats ratings are 45.8 value and 3/361 rank while Clemson's are 12.2 value and 81/361 rank.

Pretty sure neither Diamond Johnson nor Jada Boyd will play. Pretty sure that the win probabilities are based on Boyd and Johnson playing. Without Diamond and Jada playing more time for River Baldwin, Jessica Timmons and Aziaha James to do damage and I think they will. However, I think the game will be closer than the above predictions.

Go Pack!