WBB: State at Georgia

Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen / USA TODAY NETWORK


The next challenging road game in the run of road games for State will be played at Georgia this Monday night, December 5th, at 8 p.m. It will be streamed on the SEC network.

I have no problem remembering the December 16, 2021 game; an 82-80 unexpected loss in Raleigh to Georgia. In last year's game, Kai Crutchfield was fouled after she secured an offensive rebound. She hit both free throws giving State a 3 point lead with seconds left in the game. After advancing the ball via a timeout Georgia's Sarah Ashlee Baker hit a three with 0.04 seconds left for the tie. Georgia won in overtime. One might say what else is new as State is a big fat 0-9 against Georgia. Only two of the 9 games were close; that last year, and that in 2001 when State also lost in overtime 68-63.

From, Georgia has an overall record of 8-1, a NET of 29, a Live RPI of 100, an ELO of 30 and an SOS of 270. Georgia does have one quadrant one win which is that at Georgia Tech; a 66-52 win. Georgia's one loss was an 80-86 loss to RPI 121 Seton Hall in the Paradise Jam. Interestingly five Georgia players were ejected during the Paradise Jam game against VCU; a 68-54 Georgia win. None of those ejected in the VCU game were suspended for the Seton Hall game so that was not the reason Georgia lost to Seton Hall.

Georgia is led in scoring by five-eight fifth year player Diamond Battles who is scoring 15 ppg while shooting 368 from the floor; 310 from the arc. Battles is the team's volume arc shooter. Six-three fifth year player Brittney Smith is second at 13 ppg while shooting 532 from the floor; 0 for 1 from the arc. Six-one junior Zoesha Smith, shooting 593 from the floor, is third at 10.3 ppg. Six-two senior Javyn Nicholson leads Georgia in rebounding at 8. 3 rpg while Brittney Smith is second at 6.7 rpg. Battles leads the team in assist with 37 for the season. Battles also has 19 turnovers for the season.

As a team Georgia shoots 449 from the floor; 314 from the arc; averages 41.3 rpg; averages 17.1 apg; and averages 15.2 t.o's per game. Georgia has a deep bench with ten players averaging over thirteen minutes per game.

From, State's overall record is 7-1, their NET is 2, their Live RPI is 4; their ELO is 5 and their SOS is 11. State's quadrant one record is 1-1. State's best win to date is that over Live RPI 26 Iowa; a 94-81 win at Iowa.

Nolan picks State to win 72-64 with a 76% chance of a win. Lobo of HerHoopsStats picks State to win 72.7 to 60.7 with an 84.3% win probability. In the team resume comparisons at HerHoopsStats, State is predicted to win the game at Georgia 72.7 to 60.7, at Raleigh 78.5 to 58.4 and at a neutral site 75.6 to 59.6. Georgia has a HerHoopStats Rating of 23.6 value; 32/361 rank. State has a HerHoopStats Rating of 47 value; 4/361 rank.

Last season I was very confident that State would beat Georgia. For Monday night's game I am not so much that way-at Georgia-never beat them in nine tries. However, absent a letdown after the Iowa win, and the fact that Baker is no longer on the Georgia roster, State should as predicted by Nolan and Lobo win this game.

My thought is that Saniya Rivers (9-11; 3-4 arc against Iowa) and Diamond Johnson (8-12; 2-3 arc against Iowa) are one of the best backcourts in the conference if not the best. My thought is also that Camille Hobby and River Baldwin together make up a very solid center position.

Go Pack!