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Mail call! Submit your questions for the BTP mailbag!

We assure you the house is not burning

Wildfires Break Out Across Boulder County In Colorado Photo by Marc Piscotty/Getty Images

Welcome to the next BTP Mailbag Ask-us-anything Extravaganza! We’re trying to actually stick with a recurring segment (for now at least).

The last round went really well, thanks for all the great submissions. So keep ‘em coming. Ask about whatever you would like to see discussed. Again, anything is on the table. Now that we’ve rounded the corner with summer in sight, we can start to ramp up the conjecturin’ for next year. We’re not in June just yet, but let’s be honest we’ve been in June with the football team since the new year. And with less active sports to discuss, we can broaden the discussion topics. Like: What’s the best flavor of ice cream and why is it cookies and cream? And if you are about to type mint chocolate chip you can just close your browser right now.

We promise the house has not burned down, we’re gonna be just fine.

Post your questions in the comments below or on twitter with the hashtag #BTPMailbag. Now here is Raina Perez breaking ankles and putting a Kansas State player on skates. This one is called, “OH THE HESI!” We miss you, RP.