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BTP’s new commenting system is live — let’s test this thing out!

Sir John Eden Photo by Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The computer of tomorrow: it’s your diary, your telephone, your calculator, even your post office. With the computer of tomorrow, great possibility sits at your fingertips. Like discussing the results of the latest ball match with your friend, Fred, who is three states away! Sound impossible? Well the computer of tomorrow is here, today.

Sit back and take it for a spin, why don’t you.

Let’s see how well this thing works, because it’s supposed to better handle longer comment threads. (You can also set it so that the newest comments appear at the top, which may appeal to some of you. Not me, though. I don’t change what works, which is why I’ve worn the same pair of pants every day for the last 25 years.)

One caveat: the character limit per comment is now 10,000 so some of you people are going to have to pare down your thoughts. But I believe in you. Now get to gif’n!