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Congratulations to our BTP tournament pool winners

Six entrants in the BTP men’s tournament pool correctly picked Kansas to win the national championship, and should be applauded for their imagination. It never even occurred to me that Kansas would win the title this year. But there the Jayhawks were at the end, slow-playing the Tar Heels such that UNC surrendered the largest lead in NCAA title game history. Thank you, Kansas. It was beautiful.

Our men’s pool champion this year is BanjoWolf, who had both Duke and UNC in the Final Four and Kansas winning it all. That’s either good quality guesswork or a fine example of how assuming the worst as a State fan tends to prove well-founded.

The prize for this immense achievement is the above authentic MS Paint drawing of a wolf playing the banjo on top of a crying K. Please do not sell this as an NFT. Or do sell it as an NFT. Does that do anything unless you have money to launder? I don’t know.

In the women’s tourney pool, Josh Shellman ran away with the proceedings by siding with cold, hard mathematical probability rather than his heart. The majority of us rightly picked NC State to win the national title, because the heart is real but spreadsheets are not, but Josh had the Gamecocks defeating State in the title game—a choice that, according to sources, demoralized the entire NC State team prior to tip-off against UConn.

As a result, Josh has earned the first ever official BTP Demerit, and he owes all of us fifty bucks.