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Tommy White makes art

Look at that thing soar.

COLLEGE BASEBALL: APR 26 East Carolina at N.C. State Photo by Nicholas Faulkner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Tommy White has broken the single-season home run record for an NC State baseball player, and he’s done it as a true freshman. He’s a guy who averages a home run every two games and on Wednesday decided to go ahead and hit three in one game, given the important nature of the situation.

Now, you might wonder, how many of those home runs were majestic? White’s ability to hit with power to the opposite field has been a trademark, sure, but it is rote, it is assumed, it is routine—

Did you see that shit? Did you see that thing explode into the right-field lights, then slice maybe before the light pole, maybe behind it, as it exited the entire building? Or maybe that was a hallucination and that ball’s currently in orbit, paying no mind to gravity?

That is art right there; that is a definitive piece of work, and it was Tommy White’s third of the game.

Kid’s pretty good.