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Tommy White is in the transfer portal

The Pack’s record-setting slugger is on his way out.

COLLEGE BASEBALL: MAY 25 ACC Championship - Miami v NC State Photo by David Jensen/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It seems the rumors swirling lately were true: Tommy White entered the transfer portal this morning, per Kendall Rogers. That’s some difficult news to stomach for NC State, but if White wasn’t happy here or wanted to leverage a huge season, well, there’s not much Elliott Avent or anybody else in Raleigh could do about it.

People undoubtedly will point to NIL opportunities as a reason for his leaving, and while that might end up a significant factor, it’s might not be the primary one. White is from Florida and may want to be closer to home; he also may want more guaranteed time at an infield position, be it first or third. (I promise I won’t get started on that again.)

Florida State has been at the center of the rumors and if that ends up being his landing spot, it’s gonna be extra rough since the Pack will have to play him each of the next two years. (After that point he’ll presumably turn pro.)

[Insert heavy sigh here.]

Well, it is what it is, is what it is, at the end of the day. Elliott Avent will put together another good team next season regardless, but it sure does suck to lose a rare talent like White’s.