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Jameese Joseph scores walk-off goal for NC State while missing a shoe

The women’s soccer team is 3-0 to begin the season.

North Carolina State v Miami

Campbell managed to keep NC State off the scoreboard for 89 minutes on Thursday night and the game appeared destined to end in a 0-0 draw, at least until Jameese Joseph got control of the ball just beyond midfield in the waning seconds.

She proceeded to ruin Campbell’s night and deliver a win for the Wolfpack, all while missing a shoe.

See, the Campbell players probably thought they’d survived a scare, what with having given Jameese Joseph a flat tire, but actually losing a shoe just unlocks more of her powers. As you can see, she nearly scored twice—the ball hit the back of the net while her shoe went five-hole on the keeper but sadly ran out of momentum before reaching paydirt.

Disappointing that the shoe wasn’t flung with enough pace, but it gives her something to work on in practice.

This is the second time in as many games that Joseph has scored a late goal to give NC State a win. Her goal with a little over three minutes remaining on Sunday gave the Pack a 2-1 victory over VCU. That’s a good week.