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NC State football up to #16 in Week 3 AP Poll

Reclaiming ground

NCAA Football: Charleston Southern at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

NC State course corrected from the near disaster in Week 1 at ECU to trounce Charleston Southern in Week 2. The AP voters noticed and gave them a slight nod of acknowledgement by moving them from #18 to #16 in the week 3 poll.

If it took Texas A&M losing to App (dropping 18 spots to 24th) and Notre Dame crapping the bed at home against Marshall in order to make room, then so be it. I bet the Thomas family was happy last night, with Drake and Thayer getting the win and their dad having played at Marshall.

In the Coaches Poll, NC State moved up one spot to #12. As always, the rankings ultimately don’t matter as much once league play begins, but it feels good being back on the verge of the top 15 nonetheless. It’d be really nice if the Clemson game was a top 15 or even top 10 matchup of undefeated teams. The biggest roadblock is the upcoming game at home vs Texas Tech, though, so one step at a time.