Ways to make fun of Texas Tech

Howdy, BTP! Texas A&M graduate and NC State fan here to help you get the hate going for this weekend's match-up with Tech. And before anyone asks: no, I'm not ready to talk about the App State game...

Our history with Tech goes back almost 100 years. Because that was when their football program was started. We were Southwest Conference and Big 12 rivals for that entire period and we do NOT like each other. This isn't like the relationship we have with Texas, with the "big brother" complex and trying to get us shut down as an institution. They're just terrible as a fanbase and we really don't like them.

Classless Clowns: To give you an idea of what they're like as fans, the closest comparison I can make is what I've heard about ECU. We always called them the Classless Clowns. Just outright jerks. Even if they're visiting your town and especially if they're feeling good about their chances during the game. Maybe it'll be better since you're not conference opponents and the game's in Raleigh, but I wouldn't expect to much courtesy in Lubbock next year.

"Tortilla Tech": They throw tortillas on their field at random points in the game. I've even heard of other foreign objects, like batteries. I once asked a student why they do this and he just said "We're drunk". Back then, Lubbock was a dry county except on gamedays. They've gone wet, but they're still doing it.

The Raider Rash: There's a rumor they they have a strain of STD unique to Lubbock. Whether or not this is true, you can look it up and see they definitely have...issues with this kind of thing.

Their official name: I'm not kidding; it's Texas Tech University. Unlike Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology) or Virginia Tech (Virginia Polytechnic and State University), they've made the shortened word "Tech" a part of their official name. Their old name was more official sounding than this.

Little things to remind them of include the fact that their "masked rider" looks like the Hamburgler and their hand sign looks like the loser sign.

Finally, this gem. Just watch and take in its glory.

If I think of anything else, I'll add it in the comments. I hope y'all enjoyed this. I'll be in Carter-Finley cheering on the Pack on Saturday. Beat the hell outta Texas Tech!