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ESPN College GameDay to feature NC State and some other school in South Carolina

It’s officially official

NCAA Football: Connecticut at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

After years of waiting and speculating when it might happen, ESPN is taking College GameDay to Clemson, SC to feature a football match with NC State. People with “sauces” were throwing around rumors late last night that this was a done deal, and it seems like those were correct.

One just hopes the majority of the broadcast isn’t focused too heavily on the other team with the Wolfpack being an afterthought. Like being a feature on a Drake track, you’re not going to get all the limelight.

But being included is a sign of the program and its strength. I have faith the team is going to be juiced for this one.

Besides those sauces, signs were pointing towards GameDay happening, as this comes after it was announced last night that the game will be the PRIME primetime 7:30pm matchup on ABC. The big lights don’t really get any bigger than this:

I will now spend the next full week being a nervous wreck.