Kevin Keatts Gives Updates on NC State Basketball


With a top 10 team that had its fanbase laser-focused on this weekend versus Clemson, some updates over the past couple of weeks to the other revenue driver, NC State Men's Basketball, flew well under the radar. So before we get fully into preparation for Saturday here are some quick notes (the link provided has the full video and transcript as well): - Sounds like Jarkel is the clubhouse leader to be leader. Keatts has seen those qualities from him manifest in different ways than the regular "lead by example" types we've had over the years. - Terq and Joiner sound like they've practiced against each other more than with each other due to their alpha instincts raising the level of competition in practice. Definitely pros and cons with that. - Gantt and Ross are said to both be 100% healthy and cleared, but are still trying to get back to form. - Keatts was asked about our defense and seemingly joked that we would be mostly of a zone team after no longer having a Manny Bates-type to protect the rim. In KK fashion it was said with a sly grin so who knows to what extent we will see more zone this year. That said, websites like Pack Insider theorize with Burns on the court we might see a lot of zone since he'd be ineffective defending ball screens.