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NC State heads into Charleston Southern looking for offensive rebound

A great time for a get-right game.

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at East Carolina James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

There’s not really any bones about it. The product NC State’s offense put on the field last Saturday in Greenville was pretty putrid, especially in the second half when it got stood up on the goal line, turned the ball over twice, and did not score a single point. If the Pack is serious about winning an ACC Championship, it has to turn that into an anomaly before the first weekend in October.

The Pack has been here before. It was in a position not dissimilar to its current one a year ago, coming off a dreadful performance against Mississippi State that posed a lot of questions about the offense. Devin Leary to that point in the season was 47/75 with 3 TDs and 2 picks. Furman, where Leary threw 29 passes in the first half, was something of a get-right game for that team, which went on to beat Clemson the following week.

Charleston Southern should serve a similar role, and the hope is that Leary gets to let it rip again after a subpar first game, preferably to some of the guys that State will be depending on to step up at receiver. We heard so much about Anthony Smith in the spring and Julian Gray in the fall, but they combined to play 6 total snaps. Darryl Jones and Keyon Lesane both made a couple nice plays but totaled three catches in the game between them. Thayer was good, and State hit some big plays but there was absolutely no rhythm to this offense and its strangely laborious passing game. State needs some playmakers to step up at receiver, especially now with Pennix out. Enter the get-right game.

Charleston Southern surrendered 433 passing yards and 52 points to Western Carolina last Saturday. If you didn’t know, Western Carolina is not particularly good. There should be plenty of chances to get guys on the field, give them opportunities to touch the ball, and just generally get everyone including Leary to calm down. I’m looking for a high completion percentage game and a return to the hyper-efficiency we saw most of last year, with Leary spreading the ball around to a lot of different guys. This game comes at the perfect time, and if State can use it to correct some of the mess we saw on offense last week, we can all feel a lot better heading into Texas Tech and eventually Clemson.