Women's soccer - tough day against Harvard, lose 2-0

I was at the game with a buddy who went to Harvard for graduate school. Harvard played a great game, used lots of subs on a hot day, and were all over the field. State is currently down four starters with injuries:

Alexis Strickland, Eliza Rich, Nina Zimmer, Emika Kawagishi

Harvard was playing aggressive defense and it was taking State a lot of effort just to get the ball past midfield. On the few times State lofted the ball over the defense, they recovered quickly and for the most part had the numbers back to avoid any great chances for a breakaway goal. I felt like State's defense was too soft - they gave Harvard players too much open space with the ball which allowed them to make multiple passes and get some really good shots at the goal. Our goalie had a great game to limit the damage to just 2 goals. Santoro implied in the post game interview that they would be getting some players back this week. Let's hope they have a better showing at Nebraska.