Way Too Early 2 (and sometimes 3) Deep

Anyone else already have football withdrawal? A stiff drink not even relieving the shakes? Welcome to the club. I thought I'd take a stab at what the roster might look like when our long football drought finally comes to an end in East Hartford, Connecticut on Sep. 2.

QB: Brennan Armstrong/MJ Morris/Ben Finley
RB: Jordan Houston/DSK/Michael Allen
WRX: Dacari Collins/Anthony Smith
WRZ: Keyon Lesane/Terrell Timmons
Slot: Porter Rooks/Julian Gray
H: Trent Pennix/Chris Toudle
TE: Cedd Seabrough/Kameron Walker
LT: Anthony Belton/Jaleel Davis
LG: Dawson Jaramillo/Anthony Carter, Jr.
C: Dylan McMahon/Lyndon Cooper
RG: Derrick Eason/Sean Hill
RT: Tim McKay/Patrick Matan

Analysis: I imagine DSK and Allen end up with more rushing attempts than Houston IF they can stay on the field. Great depth everywhere but the offensive tackle position. Will a deep WR room have anyone step up and become a star?

LDE: Savion Jackson/Brandon Cleveland
NT: C.J. Clark/D.J. Jackson
RDE: Davin Vann/Noah Potter/Travali Price
WLB: Jaylon Scott/Caden Fordham
MLB: Payton Wilson/Devon Betty
SLB: Jayland Parker/Jordan Poole
NIC: Devan Boykin/Robert Kennedy
LCB: Aydan White/Nate Evans
SS: Jakeen Harris/Zack Myers/Daemon Fagan
FS: Sean Brown/Rakeim Ashford
RCB: Shyheim Battle/Teshaun Smith

Analysis: My positioning of the LBs is quite possibly way off. Wilson could stay on the outside, allowing Betty to take over in the middle. Just like with the offense, depth at tackle is a big concern, though Jackson and Vann could take reps there if needed. Josh Harris picked a dumb time to leave. Myers and Fagan are really the only true freshmen I have on the depth chart, which is nice! But secondary depth possibly pressing them into service is another concern. I wouldn't be surprised if Kennedy or Boykin ends up at a safety spot rather than nickel. Terrente Hinton could also find himself on the two-deep at corner.

PK: Brayden Narveson/Collin Smith
P: Caden Noonkester/Collin Smith
KO: Collin Smith/Brayden Narveson
LS: Joe Shimko/?
H: Caden Noonkester/?
KR: Julian Gray/Jordan Houston
PR: Julian Gray/Jalen Coit

I have no idea who would be the backup LS or holder if, heaven forbid, we had an injury here.

Injuries! That, as always, seems to be the key. I see this roster as having nearly the potential as the 2022 team had, but it lacks last year's team's depth. Maybe this is finally the year that we enjoy relative good fortune on the injury front! The program seems to be in great shape, but I wouldn't hate to see a couple more additions through the portal to shore up some of those depth concerns.