DJ isn't BJ

Whew I haven't wrote one of these in years but lemme give it the good ol' college try

Something that has been bothering me is the narrative around DJ Burns since he got here. And while that has lessened significantly within the fanbase, having to hear every night on commentary about DJ is getting bothersome.

Someone here said that they are calling him everything but a "Fat-ass piece of shit" and I agree. Meanwhile He's been our most productive player.

When Dusan went down he was asked to go 30 and he has/did. Would a summer of conditioning plus losing a little weight help? sure but He's been Productive at this weight his whole career.

Not like BJ would was a lot slimmer in HS and came into the program extremely out of shape. DJ is just.... BIG. and seeing people after he gave the two duke 7 footer's a schooling say "No imagine if he lost 40 or 50 pounds" is in my opinion, very disrespectful. Hearing commentators say He can't go when he is busting his ass down court almost every play is very disrespectful.