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Highlights! NC State puts a complete game together in Blacksburg

NC State v Virginia Tech Photo by Ryan Hunt/Getty Images

Hey, look at us, huh? Who would have thought?

NC State delivered the most satisfying win of the season yesterday, thoroughly drubbing Virginia Tech for the majority of the afternoon in the process—the final score, and the final yardage totals for that matter, don’t illustrate how much better State was than the Hokies.

Strangely enough, it took benching Brennan Armstong and bringing him back in as the starter for this team to finally locate an identity offensively. Robert Anae’s adjustments were on full display against the Hokies, and while it took some time for State to get going, once it did, the results were impressive.

With Armstrong taking a healthy dose of carries, and KC Concepcion is moving all over the field, suddenly the Wolfpack is giving other teams a lot to think about. It’s definitely not the offense anyone pictured coming into the season, nor does it resemble the one State ran in September, but give the staff a lot of credit for getting smart about focusing solely on its bread-and-butter plays. It helps that Concepcion draws so much attention, which allows Anae to effectively use him as a decoy.

It’s such a night-and-day thing that it’s difficult to process at times.