WBB: Paradise Jam Island Division


Before getting into the pre-game analysis for the three games in the Paradise Jam, let's take a look at ESPNW's Power Rankings for the week.

This on State:

7. NC State Wolfpack (4-0)
Previous ranking:
This week: at Paradise Jam Classic in Virgin Islands: vs. Kentucky (Thursday), vs. Cincinnati (Friday), vs. Colorado (Saturday)

The Wolfpack followed their upset of UConn with victories last week over Elon and Rhode Island. The Rams gave NC State a battle. But guards Saniya Rivers and Aziaha James led the Wolfpack's strong finish in the last 4 minutes. The two combined are averaging just over 37 PPG.

State is the top ACC team with VaTech being second at 11th.

Looking at warrennolan's stats for State: State has a live RPI of 5, an overall record of 4-0, a NET of 17, an ELO of 4 and an SOS of 21. State has one NET quad 1 win that being the 92-81 win over UConn. The win over Rhode Island was a NET quad 2 win. Nolan at this time does not predict State to lose a game until they play at Virginia Tech on January 7th. State is predicted to lose that game 66-67.


State plays Kentucky on November 23rd, Thursday, at 3:15 p.m. The game will be an ESPN+ stream.

State's record against Kentucky is 4 wins and 2 losses. State's last win over Kentucky was in the round of 32 of the 2019 NCAA Tournament. State won 72-57. The game was played in Raleigh. Kiara Leslie led State in scoring with 26 while Rhyne Howard let Kentucky in scoring with 21.

In Kentucky's last game, a 59-48 road loss to FGCU, Kentucky started six-three senior Ajae Petty, five-five junior Brooklynn Miles, five-six sophomore Saniah Tyler, five-ten sophomore Amiya Jenkins and five-ten grad student Emma King. Six-foot senior Eniya Russel played about 21 minutes off the bench.

Petty leads the team in scoring at 16.3 ppg and rebounding at 12.3 rpg.

The team is shooting 402 from the floor; 152 from the arc. Petty shoots 669 from the floor while Tyler shots 259 from the arc.

From Nolan Kentucky has a Live RPI of 235, a 2-2 overall record, a NET of 80, an ELO of 69 and an SOS of 216. Kentucky has one NET quad 1 loss. Kentucky's best win was over NET 172 East Tennessee State 74-66. Nolan likes State over Kentucky 73-66.


State plays Cincinnati on Friday November 24th at 3:15 p.m. The game again will be streamed on ESPN+.

GoPack does not show any history with regard to State/Cincinnati as does not Gobearcats.

In Cincinnati's last game, a 71-60 win at Toledo, the Bearcats started five-seven grad student Maya Jackson, five-eleven junior Braylyn Milton, six-four senior Malea Williams, six-four sophomore Destiny Thomas and six-one senior Jillian Hayes. Five-eleven freshman Brianna Byars got 18 minutes off the bench while five-nine sophomore A'riel Jackson got 15.

Both Hayes and Jackson are averaging 13 ppg. Hayes leads the team in rebounding at 13 rpg. The team shoots 415 from the floor; 277 from the arc. Hayes shoots 519 from the floor while Thomas shoots 727. Jackson shoots 533 from the arc hitting 8-15 shots.

From Nolan the Bearcats have a Live RPI 138, an overall record of 2-1, a NET of 195, an ELO of 163 and a SOS of 141. The Bearcats NET quad 1 record is 1-1. Cincinnati's best win was the one at NET 67 Toledo.

Nolan predicts State to win over Cincinnati 75-53.


State plays Colorado Saturday November 25th at 1:00 p.m. and again the game will be streamed on ESPN+.

State's record against Colorado is 0-1, the one loss coming in the 96-97 season. State lost at Colorado 67-62.

In the Buffaloes' 92-78 win over number 1 at the time LSU in Las Vegas, Colorado started five-eleven senior Frida Formann, six-three junior Aaronette Vonleh, five-seven grad student Jaylyn Sherrod, six-three grad student Quay Miller and five-eight senior Tameiya Sadler. Five-nine junior Kindyll Wetta got 18 minutes off the bench. Frida scored 27 (9-15 from the floor; 7-11 from the arc) in that game while Aaronette (11-15 from the floor) scored 24. Jaylyn had 8 boards in that game.

From warrennolan Colorado has a live RPI of 9, an overall record of 4-0, a NET of 23, an ELO of 29 and an SOS of 44. Colorado has one NET quadrant one win and of course that was over NET 3 LSU. They also have a win over NET 46 Oklahoma State.

Nolan predicts Colorado to lose to State 69-61.

Her Hoop Stats

Lobo's Look at herhoopstats for the State/Colorado game gives State a 58.3 win probability and a final score for the game of 71.1 for State to 68.6 for Colorado.

For the State/Kentucky game played at a neutral site herhoopstats gives State a 97.2% win probability and by a score of 81.4 to 55.6.

For the State/Cincinnati game played at a neutral location the same site gives State a 97.6% win probability with a final score of 79.2 to 53.1.


No doubt the game against Colorado will be the most difficult in the Paradise Jam. Colorado is maybe the second-best team that State will have played so far this season-are they better than UConn? Also, note the size of Cincinnati! State absent poor play should win over Kentucky and Cincinnati. Colorado- that will be a difficult one to win but I pick State.

Want to see how Azi James shoots away from Reynolds.

Go Pack!