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ACC/SEC Challenge - Ole Miss dominates NC State by 20, final score 72-52

Career game for Ben Middlebrooks in a weak Pack performance

NCAA Basketball: N.C. State at Mississippi Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

Game Summary:

NC State was not in the game from the beginning. Ole Miss came out energized and maintained a comfortable lead most of the game. The Pack closed to within 8 at the half and got as close as 3 at one point in the second half, but could not get the stops they needed to catch up. We held 4 of their 5 starters at or below their scoring averages, but we could not guard their forward. Brakefield averages 5 Ppg, but hit 8-12 including 2-4 from 3PT for a career high 25 points. (20 points above his average - coincidentally, we lost by 20) Diarra might have helped there. The combination of their 9 blocked shots and our 13 turnovers (to their 7) meant we had to do something to equalize that disadvantage in possessions. We either had to out rebound them significantly (Pack +4), or shoot well from 3PT ( we were 3-25, 12%), and we could do neither. We need a dramatic transformation before going to Boston College.

Four Factors

Team Efg% TO % OReb% FTA/FGA
Team Efg% TO % OReb% FTA/FGA
NCS 49.1 13.3 30.3 27.9
Ole Miss 49.4 14.3 31.1 31.8

Overall Takeaways:

A very disappointing, hard to watch, game by the Pack. They looked tired, energy levels looked low. Hopefully this was not evidence of a hangover from the BYU game. The only positives from the game were the quality time Middlebrooks and Thomas got in the game. Both played well and deserve time in every game.

Keatts Comments

  • Played as individuals rather than a team
  • Poor energy
  • Still learning how to play together, we will get better

Individual Highlights

  • Ben Middlebrooks – Career highs in both points (13) and rebounds (12) and missed tying his career high in minutes (23) by one.
  • LJ Thomas – Career highs in minutes (22) and assists (4)

Individual Player Highlights

Ben Middlebrooks 13 12 1 1
LJ Thomas 7 3 4 1
Casey Morsell 12 5 2

Box Score